Randy Roberts for Kershaw County Treasurer

My name is Randy Roberts and with your vote on June 14, 2022 I hope to be the next Kershaw County Treasurer. I am a lifetime resident of Kershaw County and live in Elgin with my wife, Sheila. We are both graduates of North Central High School, Go Knights! We have two wonderful children, Victoria and Holden who both are graduates of Lugoff-Elgin High School. Victoria recently graduated from the University of South Carolina with her Bachelor of Science in Nursing. Holden is currently pursuing his Biology degree at Francis Marion University. 

My experience revolves around my 30 years of service in county government. I’ve worked in Richland, Lexington, Kershaw, Fairfield, and Aiken County. My fondest memory of my career was working at Kershaw County as the GIS Manager and later promoted to Assessor. My first project as GIS Manager was to convert the old mylar maps to a digital parcel layer that most citizens use today. A great group of talented individuals from the University of South Carolina compiled all the deeds and plats to create this new digital parcel layer. This online parcel layer hosted on our county website allows the public the ability to research information from the privacy of their home and is not bound by the hours of operation of the county. I was later promoted to Assessor and began to evaluate current processes and software. It was apparent to me and the staff we needed a better Computer Aided Mass Appraisal software. An RFP was compiled with specifications of the requirements needed and Patriot Properties was awarded the contract. This program was successfully implemented and is still in use today. 

I am a technology-driven person and not afraid of trying something new if it is within my budget to do so. I worked with Treasurer Steve Vincent and Bradshaw Consulting to implement a software program to help capture GPS coordinates of properties posted for delinquent taxes. I worked with Jill Catoe and M&H Land to post delinquent properties and am very familiar with posting seizure notices. I was also responsible for updating the E911 road centerline file to ensure all new subdivision roads were identified and geographically displayed correctly. As the GIS manager, I was responsible for updating all digital layers and maps produced for E911, Fire Service, EMS, Sheriff, Voter Registration, County Council, and the public. The ISO maps that I worked on with Gene Faulkenberry and Keith Ray were time consuming but were so beneficial in planning the location of future fire stations. I could go on, but what I am attempting to emphasize is my dedication to improving processes and the level of service provided to the citizens of Kershaw County. I will be financially responsible for the funds entrusted to the Treasurer’s office and continue to provide great customer service.

When I think of the residents of Kershaw County who served in this position previously, Steve Kelly Sr, RC Gainey, Steve Vincent, and Jill Catoe; it would be an honor to serve as Kershaw County Treasurer!  

Campaigning at the Food Truck Fest in Camden with my boys, Elliot, Holden, and Watson

Me and my wife Sheila

Victoria, Holden and my favorite Boykin, Watson!

Food Truck Fest in Camden with my future son in law, Lindsay Pierce, Victoria, Sheila, Tide, and Watson.